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16 November
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This was once my semi-anonymous fandom journal, but lately it's more about real life (and mostly friends locked). I'm a chef. I'm prone to silliness and depression to about an equal extent. I live with my best friend (who's brilliant and fascinating and chronically ill/disabled) and some rescue dogs (who are poorly adjusted, but adorable).

My fandom stuff is public; most of my newer fic is on Archive of Our Own. I like the books of Tamora Pierce, Doctor Who, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I write character-heavy, plot-weak short fics for several fandoms. I write drabbles. I write disorganized essays about what fiction make me think about the world. I was a women's studies and communications major in college (the first time), so I analyze things from a feminist standpoint, and I believe fiction matters. I like femslash, threesome fics, friendship fics, and anything that makes me see canon material in a new way. I also make icons and the occasional larger graphic.