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For those who don't know, my dog Clara is the most energetic, pestiferous, pushy, bratty, annoying, trouble-making little knee-high creature I have ever encountered. She makes up for it by also being the most loving and affectionate animal I have ever known.

I was on a run with the dogs today when a passerby stopped me and asked to meet them. This happens from time to time, and they love people, so I just issue a warning that Clara jumps and then let them make friends. So she petted Streak and Clara and then went on her way. By this time we were walking the last stretch toward home, and the woman we'd just met was running, so of course Clara tried to take off after her.

"Clara, walk nice!" I said. "Try not to gag yourself on the leash, hm?"

Our new friend turned back. "I'm sorry, but what's her name?"


"Oh." She was walking back to us by then. "My dog was named Clara, too. I had to have her put to sleep yesterday. She was fifteen and a rescued dog."

And my little pest, besides being generally affectionate, is very good at providing extra love when someone really needs it. She wiggled right up to the other Clara's mama and licked her hands and looked up with her big brown eyes, and both of us humans started crying.

"Thank you," she said, before she went on with her run. "It's kind of nice, for New Year's Day."

Miriam and I call it, "Clara magic." That absolute and unconditional love and affection that can improve even the worst possible day, and that makes it worth dealing with her sensitive stomach and unreasonable amount of shedding and all the brattiness. I'm glad she got to share the Clara magic with someone else who needed it.


Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas, friends!

I got a fantastic Magids fic for Yuletide! And books and t-shirts and workout equipment and candy and coffee for Christmas!

Also, I made M. a Doctor Who scarf (my sister-in-law made the Tardis cross-stitch in the photo), which is finally finished! Well, it still needs a fringe, but the body of the scarf is done.

I got to see both my parents and Brad and Janet and Cute Nephew last night, but it was overwhelming because there were ~10 members of Janet's extended family there, too, and also two babies, and their house isn't really big enough for all that. "Breakfast for dinner" as a holiday meal is brilliant, except it meant our hosts were cooking for two hours while the rest of us drank and made awkward conversation. Mostly it was good though.

Today I need to do some boring household stuff, but also M. and I have big plans to watch ALL the Doctor Who Christmas specials.

Dreamwidth and LJ

I have both! I'm going back to crossposting to both for now. If we have each other friended one place but not the other, let's fix that! (And if I don't have you friended at all and you'd like me to, drop a comment!)

my Dreamwidth
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I don't feel like talking about the politics of all this just now, because I've had a difficult couple of days and it's Christmas Eve-Eve and I prefer to think about puppies and knitting and food and Doctor Who. (ETA: And Sherlock. *flails*) Cool?

I also have a Tumblr, which does not mirror the other two. It tends toward the shallow and pictorial, with lots of foods, cute animals, pretty ladies, and "Texts from [fictional place]" reblogs. You can follow me there if you like!
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And why do all the Enterprise-D crewmembers have sons rather than daughters, anyway? There's Wesley and Alexander, plus Troi and Picard each have a one episode "son." The only exception is Data's one episode positronic child, who chooses to be a human female.

So possibly I need to write fic in which Geordi's ex is assigned to the enterprise and brings along an eight-year-old daughter. So there.

Better yet if she's all about the martial arts and wants to be a security officer when she grows up, because it would be fun to write Geordi and Worf commiserating about how they just don't understand their kids.

Possibly the little girl will be on the Enterprise with her mama and step-mom, to keep kid!fic from bogging down in "do they or don't they get back together?" and also as an excuse to write more female characters.

Yeah, this plot has legs.

*needs a Geordi icon*

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Have I mentioned my love for lentils? I love lentils.

Let me tell you about this thing I've been eating for dinner this week.

  • box of whole wheat pasta (14 to 16 oz)
  • can (28 oz?) of Progresso lentil soup (which is too highly salted for me to want to eat on its own)
  • smaller can (16 oz?) of not-very-interesting tomato sauce/spaghetti sauce
  • 3 cups total diced veggies (onions, celery, peppers)
  • spoonful of garlic
  • little bit of vegetable oil
  • finely shredded Parmesan-type cheese

Saute the diced veggies for a few minutes with the oil. Add the garlic. Cook until they start to brown. Add the soup and the tomato sauce. Simmer ~10 minutes.

Cook the pasta, drain, serve with the lentil-tomato stuff as a sauce. Garnish with cheese.

The bland tomato sauce and over-salted lentils balance each other nicely, the lentils provide extra protein in a cheap, vegetarian mostly-out-of-the-pantry meal, and fresh garlic & red peppers always make me happy. Nom. (I even got the red peppers on clearance for $1 a pound; I diced and froze them all and will be enjoying them for the rest of the year at least.)

A pasta recipe again. I know. I like pasta!

LJ ate my last attempt at posting, so let's try this again.

What I was going to say on Friday:



I picked the wrong time to go poke the Mastiff board at Goldenlake. Now I'm two-thirds of the way through the book, spoiled, distressed, and too tired to finish reading tonight.

Also my knee hurts.

Now that it's Monday, I've been finished with Mastiff for two days and I'm still reeling. I loved it, even though it broke both my brain and my heart into itty bitty pieces. I dreamed about it Saturday night -- I think I was Beka in the dream? I'm not sure. Anyway, I'll put up a longer post on that if/when I can get my thoughts in some kind of order. For now, have a warning: likely spoilers in comments.

My knee still hurts, casualty of a 6.7 mile run/walk on Friday. But it was so worth it, just because there was a stretch of a couple of miles in the middle where it felt like we could run forever. I haven't had that feeling since... early October, maybe? It was grand.

I'm getting in the habit of stretching again, which is why it was possible to go so far at all. During the summer I was cross-training by biking 1-2 days a week, and I stopped stretching before runs because it didn't seem to make any difference. It does now. I'm going through some basic leg stretches before and after running, as well as in the morning on days I don't run and before bed every day, and the leg pain that plagued me through most of November is gone.

Other things that are gone/done, or nearly so:
  • NaNoWriMo (I finished November 29).
  • The suspense over what happens in Mastiff.
  • Ficmas fics (the one I wrote, and the awesome one written for me).
  • The owners of my company (out of the country from the past weekend until late March of 2012! Which will make all of our lives so much easier!)
  • College football season and the ridiculous weekends it brings me (last game was November 26).
  • My epic rewatch of Star Trek: The Next Generation (I have just six episodes to go and the next two days off work).
  • The little monsters I'm knitting for the out-of-state nephews (should have them done by Wednesday, too).

Meaning... I don't quite know what I'm going to do with myself. I have other holiday giftie stuff to knit, and I just acquired a book that gives awesome detailed instructions on knitting sweaters to fit boobs and other curves, so I am not going to be bored. But I have to/get to make some decisions!

Speaking of: I need to settle on a new show, too. Candidates include:
  • the original Star Trek
  • Deep Space Nine
  • Supernatural
  • Jeremiah
  • Dollhouse
  • the rest of Missing

Comments from the peanut gallery?

Er, sometime I need to get serious about reading source material for Yuletide, too. Maybe Wednesday? And sometime I need to put together an episode guide for Guinan episodes for where_no_woman.

Or, you know, I could reread Mastiff and then write heaps of fic for it instead of doing anything else, ever. That would be cool, too.

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As I just said in a comment on q_sama's journal, MY BRAIN IS ALL MASTIFF ALL THE TIME! I expect to finish it by Saturday and then I can return to Pierce fandom with all my flailing and commentary. :D

Well, also part of my brain is mega-ridiculous-work-stress with a side of, "dammit, why did I schedule myself to go in for one day in the middle of my time off?" And part of it is worryworryworry because Miriam has a bad cold that is likely to become bronchitis or worse. And part of it is headache/nausea because I really should have eaten actual meals today instead of just soup, apples, chocolate and wine.

So you see why I prefer to binge-read Mastiff and hide from all the rest.

I love Beka Cooper so freaking much, and I love Achoo, and now I see why so many people requested Farmer fic for Ficmas, and apparently I'm not waiting until I finish the book to begin flailing. Mastiff!

*clears throat*

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Post fic-exchange season, it may be necessary for me to write some Geordi and Data fic. Or Geordi/Data. Regardless, there will be one about Geordi attempting to train Data's cat. BECAUSE. PET!FIC IN SPACE.

Relatedly, guess who just got the whole entire series of TNG at 70% off from's pre-Black Friday sale? Awwwwww yeah!