Nicki (peroxidepirate) wrote,

kitchen meme!

From [personal profile] shipperx 

Rules: Bold the ones you have and use at least once a year, italicize the ones you have and don't use, strike through the ones you have had but got rid of.

pasta machines
deep fat fryer
egg boilers
melon baller
pastry brush
cheese boards
cheese knives
crepe makers
electric woks
salad spinners
griddle pan
jam funnels

pie funnels
meat thermometer
filleting knife
egg poachers
cake stand
garlic crushers
martini glasses
tea strainers
bamboo steamer
pizza stones
coffee grinder
milk frother
piping bag
banana stands
fluted pastry wheels
tagine dishes
conical strainer
rice cookers
steam cookers
pressure cooker
slow cooker

spaetzle makers
cookie presses
gravy strainers
double boiler
sukiyaki stoves (???)
ice cream maker
fondue sets
healthy-grills, (George Foreman?)
home smoker
tempura sets
tortilla presses
electric whisks (???)
cherry stoners
sugar thermometer
food processor
stand mixer
bacon presser
bacon slicers
mouli mills (???)
cake testers
gratin dishes
apple corers
mango stoners
sets of kebab skewers
Potato ricer
Pineapple peeler and slicer
Lazy Susan
Soda Stream
Lemon zester
salt pepper mills
espresso maker
Waffle irons
electric skillet
toaster oven
microwave oven
electric kettle
coffee maker
can openers – mechanical or electrical
stick hand blender
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